Study of the Data Deficient Narayanghat Whipping Frog (Polypedates zed) from Chitwan District, Nepal.

Summary – Narayanghat Whipping Frogs (Polypedates zed) are only reported from Narayanghat River, Central Nepal (310m). Narayani river marks the western boundary for Chitwan National Park (CNP). Dubois (1987) had reported and described with morphometric characterization for first time from Narayanghat, Chitwan District. According to the IUCN Red List of threatened species category (2013), P.zed is Data Deficient. The Objectives of the project: (i) Determine population status of P.zed and other frogs species in Chitwan District, (ii) Determine distribution and habitat of the frogs species in Chitwan District, (iii) Identification of potential threats to frogs, (iv) Educate local, park official and students of frog conservation.

Status and Conservation awareness program of herpetofauna in Chitwan District, Nepal.

Summary – Nepal is residence of 53 species of amphibian (1 newt, 4 toads, 47 frogs and 1 caecilian) and 138 species of reptiles (80 serpents, 17 turtles and 41 lizards including crocodiles) that are distributed across a wide elevation range <100m to >4000m. Chitwan District situated in central Nepal harboring 18 species of amphibians and 61 species of reptiles (Shah and Tiwari 2004, Aryal et al. 2010 and Sharma et al. 2013) where couple of the species are threatened listed in IUCN 2013 and appendices CITES. It has been found that some of the communities hunt and consume these animals for food and in the preparation of traditional medicines. Therefore, conservation awareness program is very essential to ensure the survival of the threatened of amphibians and reptile species in the Chitwan district. The objectives of the study: (i) Determine status of herpetofauna in Chitwan district, (ii) Document behavior of animals in the wild using camera traps in Chitwan district, (ii) Conservation awareness program for amphibians and reptiles in Chitwan district.

Two threatened Roofed turtles (Batagur kachuga and Batagur dhongoka): research, conservation awareness and education programme in Chitwan, Nepal

Summary– In Nepal, a total of 17 (18 potential occurrence possible) species of chelonians are reported (Kästle et al. 2013). Yet, 10 chelonians species are reported from Chitwan (Shah and Tiwari 2004). The project is focal two threatened Roofed turtles (Batagur kachuga and B. dhongoka ) in Chitwan, Nepal.  Red-crowned Roofed turtle (B. kachuga) and Three-striped Roofed turtle (B. dhongoka) that are listed by IUCN red list as ‘Critically Endangered’; both in Appendix II by CITES. These turtles population have now been largely decline due to poaching for meat, egg and shells, traditional medicine, illegal trade, water pollution, habitat loss etc. The project will be recorded population status, distribution, habitats and threats to the focal turtle species. The conservation of Roofed turtles is impossible without the participation of local people. Conservation awareness and education program will be organized in appropriate sector such as school, college, community and local organisations. The project important will be disseminated by distribution of print materials like brochures, posters, pamphlets and T-shirts. The project will be recorded data, this will help for government, forest offices, national parks, conservation stakeholders and interested parties for formulate strategy of conservation of B. kachuga and B.dhongoka to the long term action plan.