Tortoises and Turtles Conservation Program:

The project will spread the knowledge and importance among community that our society sustains increasingly healthy ecosystems, where the rights of all communities and wildlife species are respected, where humans and tortoises and turtles can live together in harmony. By this project, society will get to know these species should present in the nature because they are balancing the food web and acts as natural form of pest controller. Moreover, the project will be generated carrier and employment to communities and students to do conservation work on these creatures. The program will be help to clear the superstition and misconception about these species because some ethnic groups of Nepalese have been used meat and traditional medicine of tortoises and turtles as their protein diet and treatment diseases.

Elephant Conservation Programs

  • Elephant Response Team- Team of local farmers as well as youth, security services are formed at high human elephant conflict hotspot to divert elephant back to the forest. These peoples are trained with best deterrence methods which has shown positive results in successful deterring elephant from South Asian Countries.
  • Gajraj Scholarships- Two scholarship under the name of Ganesh Gaja and Raja Gaja  has been announced lately to support children’s education who father dies of elephant mishap outside the protected area. Because father here in bread winner in Nepal, poor family who live in subsistence farming and edge of forest often comes in contact with wild animals and get killed. So this scholarship is created to shoulder the penance of elephant who killed a family’s bread winner.
  • Hathi Android App – This app hopes to file an easy HEC conflict compensation, monitor elephant movement data and get acquainted with the protocol of action (POA). This is the sole app for elephant conservation which will grow as year passes with new features.
  • Livelihood Training Opportunity- Creating additional income opportunities for communities is the aim of this conservation actions. Periodically, we organize various types of community based alternative livelihood trainings to support families living with the elephants.
  • Living with Elephant community Initiatives- Coming soon..